Super Game Dealers (SGD) can assist you with variety of services. Our main service are the capture and translocation of plains game species. For capturing animals we make use of mass capture boma and/or dart immobilization with the assistance of a wildlife veterinarian, as is required by the specific task.

On our YouTube channel you can find various videos about our work.



Canvas bomas are the most widely used method of mass capture in southern Africa, and can be used to capture most species. Our experienced team is able to build a boma in just one day. We carefully select the site to place the boma, thereby assessing e.g. vegetation, topography and wind direction. The main advantage of using bomas is that human-animal contact is minimized, and a herd can be captured and transported as a single entity.





For specialized veterinary services, including dart work and consultancy, we will recommend a vet from the team that we work with. Dart or chemical immobilization of wildlife is usually reserved for expensive breeding stock and/or sick animals. Specifically selected animals are darted with immobilising drugs so that they may be handled, microchipped, treated and loaded for transport. Wildlife veterinary care includes:

  • Capture by immobilization.
  • Routine preventative care (vaccination, parasite control etc.).
  • Veterinary support for researchers.
  • Post mortem examinations for routine diagnostic and/or insurance purposes.
  • Treatment of (complicated) medical/surgical cases, especially for rare and valuable game species or where the risk of herd problems exists.
  • Temporary holding, quarantine, disease surveillance (for export) and treatment of captured game in our holding boma.
  • Providing specialized transport of valuable game making use of trucks equipped with surveillance equipment and veterinary stand-by.





Super Game Dealers own a fleet of five trucks and one trailer available to you.

Our drivers have many years of experience in the game translocation industry and will assist our clients with the loading and offloading of their game.



Jan and Martenique are very experienced in the import and export of animals to countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and South Africa.

We arrange all the permits and border clearings on your behalf.




Super Game Dealers will arrange and facilitate wildlife auctions on request. We have a client base of more than 1000 buyers and will gladly assist any farmer or game breeder who would like to host an auction of their own. Auctions in neighbouring countries can be discussed.


In 2019 Super Game will be the official capturers of the Waterberg Plato Game Breeders Auction to be held on 19 May 2019, and the Agri Mega Day Game Auction Hosted by the Kalkfeld Farmers Association on 20 June 2019.



We will gladly assist you in your questions and wishes. Besides our above mentioned main businesses, we can offer:

  • Brokering in wildlife and sourcing specific animals for buyers on order, as well as organizing auctions.
  • Facilitating insurance for game to be captured and translocated, including the option of a varied period of post release field cover.
  • Conducting game counts.
  • Consulting game farmers regarding game stocking (both density and species selection), game management/utilization techniques (e.g. life capture and selling, trophy off-take, culling for meat).
  • Introduction of new game species.
  • Establishment of game ranches.
  • During the off season (between October and the end of February) or, in the event of down time during the capture season, our trucks and workers will be made available for routine transport provision.


Call us:

Jan: +264 (0)81 311 8066